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Connecting generations: The importance of young people in teaching technology to seniors.

Updated: Apr 3


Project No.: 2022-2-SK01-KA220-ADU-000096888

Today, technology has become a fundamental part of our lives. From chatting with friends and family to banking, technology has become so important to our ability to adapt in modern society.

However, for many older people, the digital world can be overwhelming. This is where we, young people, have a crucial role to play in teaching older people how to use cell phones, tablets and computers.


The relationship we have with older people in teaching technology goes beyond simply teaching them techniques on how to handle the digital world, but involves a valuable generational exchange that strengthens family and community ties, generating empathy between different generations. When we teach a grandparent how to use a cell phone to send text messages or make video calls, we are not only passing on practical knowledge, we’re also sharing moments and creating memories together.


One of the biggest challenges many seniors face when learning technology is overcoming fear or anxiety related to the unknown. For them, digital devices can be complicated and confusing at first. This is where patience and understanding are very important. By taking the time to explain step-by-step how a device or application works, we help them reduce the stress and frustration they sometimes have when learning new technologies.

In addition, when we young people teach technology to seniors, we can help their well-being and quality of life - imagine all they can discover with just a phone or tablet! They can talk to friends and family, and even access online services and courses. This is very important nowadays, with so many things being done on the internet, teaching seniors how to use technology can prevent them from feeling lonely and make them more independent and autonomous. On the other hand, it also benefits us, we learn to develop our communication skills, patience and empathy.

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